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The Future: Cloud Computing in a Mobile World
It seemed that, virtually, over night the word "cloud" found its way into the popular lexicon. More aptly put, "cloud computing" is likely to be the future of the web and mobile technology. What's important to point out is that cloud computing potential doesn't begin and end there. ABI Research released a report recently that approached the issue of cloud computing and the growing need for it. If you're not sure what "cloud computing" means, basically put, it's the infrastructure where both data storage and the data processing happens outside the device you're using. There are already many examples of this. It just allows for you, let's say phone, to work without having to download entire programs just to run one application. Instead you pull the data from one of these processing hubs. Many companies already use this technology and it's likely to become increasingly important and continue the way we live our lives and do business.

Simply put, unless things change drastically in our capability to store date, the mobile and technological world will need to utilize the benefits of cloud networks. If it doesn't do this, then the tech world will halt in its evolution. The ABI Research discussed this very issue and found big problems with limited processing power, battery life, and data storage with many of our current devices. These concerns will further limit application growth among much of the mass market if Cloud computing isn't applied with greater strength. No smartphone is save, it seems, and even Apple's iPhone has shown to perform at a deficit when factoring in these same concerns. It's been shown that applications that are connected to cloud resources are far more likely to run successfully than if they were run solely from the mobile device alone. Cloud computing software is likely to introduce an unprecedented sophistication to the world of mobile business and applications the world over. It that has proven to be an industry all its own. Businesses are already benefiting from collaborations and data sharing through similar approaches. Such approaches have allowed brilliant devices like the HTC 4G Android Phone to be realized. It's through cloud computing that we'll be able to continue to evolve the business world and propel us further than we ever dreamed possible. It's hoped that, eventually, every user will be able to gain remote access to apps that could do anything from monitoring their home security to social networking. You'll be able to do everything you already can, and more.

With further implementation of cloud technology and development, everyone will gain. Simply put, it's a win-win situation where a new market will open up to fill the demand for better and more efficient ways to deliver content. It will create jobs and drive the mobile business world. In turn, it will allow the mobile industry to further innovate their products without the heavy anchor of storage needs. Cloud computing is likely to become a benchmark of the technology community in a very short period of time.


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