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User Experience Design

Just as a bad customer experience can affect a brick and mortar store, a poorly designed website or software can have an adverse effect on your e-Business customers. Our user experience specialists are graduates in the field of information architecture, interaction design, and human cognitive psychology, and are waiting to develop your website’s design, layout and navigation. Our web designers and information architects will get you started on the right foot.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is probably the most important and most overlooked aspect in developing a strong website. How your information is presented is as important as the information itself. You can’t afford to lose this information from reaching your customers just because the delivery is bad. We’ll analyze the dynamics of your website content and provide the right information architecture to ensure your message is clear, concise and reaches the targeted audience.

Web Interface Design

At Websoft, web designing is both an art and a science. The color and size of information denotes importance, and suggests a course of action. Web design also allows to communicate some of the most powerful and complex aspects of your brand identity through the use of colors, typography, and imagery. The impact of a strong web design sets the tone and builds an emotion that is unique to your brand. Our design and engineering teams will provide everything that your clients look for and this will be reflected by the and this will be reflected by your customer satisfaction percentages.


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